Infrasound's Mark 1

Infrasound's Mark 1

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The MK1 is Infrasound's premier product to allow you to listen to music safely and discreetly! Infrasound delivers sound to your ears using tiny vibrations in your favorite hat. 

This pre-order is for the DIY kits which will allow you to install our product into your own hats! 

Product Details:

Battery life: Over 8 hours of continuous audio listening on average volume (varies by volume level)

Charging time: around 1 hour
Bluetooth Version: 5.0

Product is installed using permanent fabric tape

  *Note* - This page is only for pre-orders of the MK1. We will continue providing you with updates on when your products will ship before our official launch, but these products will not ship immediately. 



  • MK1 system can't be heard by those nearby at 80% or lower volume level. 
  • System is housed in waterproof fabric
  • No recognizable branding and system cannot be seen under your hat
  • Uses 4 bone conduction transducers to ensure good sound quality
  • Your ears are free to hear your surroundings
  • Bluetooth wireless connection allows you to listen to any audio of your choice